Our New (Old) 1992 Mercedes 600 SEL

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1960 Triumph Herald

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Dilly, our new kitten

It has many years since I retired as a health teacher. I still have some materials online here for anyone to update and use. Health alone is victory!

These days I spend three mornings a week volunteering at Misericordia in Chicago. At Misericordia I help staff work with severely disabled adults.

I spend summer days showing and driving our 1967 Rolls Royce, our 1950 Morris Minor and now our 1960 Herald.

My 1960 Triumph Herald is completed and the car is now on the road. Getting correct parts was a major challenge.

For exercise, I ride my bicycle 100 - 200 miles per week and work with a trainer twice a week.
Recently I rode 2,100 miles in 24 days as part of the Map My Ride Tour Challenge, finishing 8th.

Carole and I also enjoy our four Devon Rex cats. They make life interesting.


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