1959 Hillman Minx ....1960 Triumph Herald

'53 Sunbeam Talbot 90
'53 Talbot S................'54 Alpine

63 Sunbeam GT






Our Devon Rex Cats

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It has many years since I retired as a health teacher. I still have some materials online for anyone to update and use.

These days I spend three mornings a week volunteering at Misericordia in Chicago. At Misericordia I help staff work with severely disabled adults.

I spend summer days showing and driving our 1967 Rolls, our 1950 Morris, our 1960 Herald, our 1953 Sunbeam Talbot and 1992 Mercedes 600 SEL.
just purchased 3 more classics. See images to the left.

I am still recovering from a serious bicycling accident that left me with multiple injuries including 8 broken ribs
(4 surgically repaired) a broken scapula, and a dislocated collar bone, and more!. I am receiving physical therapy three times a week.

Carole and I also enjoy our four Devon Rex cats. They make life interesting.


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