"0" Hour Teen Health - Menu Projects

Students created a menu that included low fat, nutrient dense foods. Foods were expected to be are tasty and satisfying.
Each menu had a minimum of 10 healthy entrees that included fish, meat and vegetarian selections.
Mr. Tim Olson, Instructor

Alf's Place
An Apple a Day
Anna's Healthy Cuisine
Annie's Health Food House
Auntie Ellsyes Restaurant
Brandon's Low Cal Cafe
Cafe Hidden in the Leaves
Cold Pressed
El Restaurante, Joanne's Cafe of Health
Faiza's Healthy Hometown Restaurant
Hallie's Healthy Hut
Healthy Bite
House of Healthy
May Cafe
Iron Chef Man Hard Rock Cafe
JW Sports Grill
Kailua Kona Health Food
Kyoto Cafe
Marti's Magnificent Meals
Miami Grill
Moonlight Cafe
Nagwah's Nutritious Cafe
Naveen's Tiki-Tiki Healty Hut
Persia Cafe
Pyramid Eatery
Taylor's Healthy Cafe
The Healthy Bistro
The Healthy Kingdom
The Nutrient Cafe
The Sunset Cafe
World Cuisine
World Series Healthy Grill

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