Teen Health Menu Projects

Creating a menu is the culminating activity for our nutrition unit.
Student apply nutrition concepts they have learned as they create a restaurant menu.

Requirements include:
  • Twenty or more menu items on the menu.
  • All menu items include a description of the food.
  • All food items are cooked by grilling, baking, steaming, etc.
  • Food items are low in fat, nutrient dense and high in fiber.
  • The menu includes a statement of purpose.
  • The menu has a colorful and creative look.
  • Evaluation will include:
  • Presenting the menu to class in a short oral report.
  • Having members of the class "review" the menu and give it a rating.
  • Evaluation of the menu for above requirements by Mr. Olson.
(click on a menu for a larger view)
krystale's menu project


Photos by
Mr. Olson
Sony Mavica F-81

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