7th Grade Scavenger Hunt
Directions: This exercise will help you learn about the resources available on this website.
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper in complete sentences.
If you do not finish in class you must complete these questions by our next class session.
1. What is the web address of Mr. Olson's site? (hint: web sites always start with http://www.______________)
2. Where is the assignment list located? (Hint the first page of any web site is called a home page.)
3. Name one Web Quest or extra credit project you could complete on this site.
......... (Look in the site map, found at the bottom of this page page, or Index/main index on my home page)
4. What is smokeless tobacco? List three problems it can cause. (Seventh Grade Resources on Home Page)
5. What is the first textbook assignment for this class?

6. Pick three of the Best Health Sites as chosen by Mr. Olson. Tell their name and general subject.

7. How tall was Robert Wadlow when he was about your age?
(Look in Teen Health 7/Related Links)

8. Write the title of 5 menus that students in past classes created.

9. Name five insects that suck your blood. (Look on homepage, 7th Resources)

10. Who was Joseph Merrick? (See 8th Grade Resources on Home Page)

11. What is the population of the world right now? When you were born? (Look on homepage, 7th Resources)
12. According to the Longevity Game, how long will you live and how many "stars" did you earn? You will have to play the game to find out.Look in Best Health Sites.
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