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8th Grade Resources
(Sites are listed in alphetical order)


Baby Think It Over Project


Chapter Exams


Communicable Disease Assignment with Links


Communicable Disease Mini Project


Communicable Disease Exam Review

  The Elephant Man Learn about Joseph Merrick. For his disease, go to Proteus Syndrome


Germs and Microbes Very Scary!


Health Windows


Genetic Diseases Information (From Kids Health)


Extra Credit WebQuest Projects


Hall of Fame Information


Hall of Fame Slide Show W
Quint Two Hall of Fame Students er Quarter 2000


Noncommunicable Diseases with Web Sites and Student Assignments


Noncommunicable Disease Report Requirements and Grading




Ways to Be Healthy


The Flu (Influenza) Facts and valuable Information


Influenza 1918 All about the pandemic.


Microbe Quiz


Review for Chapter 12 - Communicable Diseases


Review for Chapter 13 - Noncommunicable Diseases

  Small Pox Information
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