8th Grade
Directions: This exercise will help you learn about the resources available on Teaching Health and Using Technology.
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.
If you do not finish in class you must complete these questions by our next class session.
If you finish early, begin reading about your noncommunicable disease topic.
1. What is the web address of Mr. Olson's site.
2. Where do you find a list of assignments for this class.
3. What is E Coli 0157 H:7?
4.How many people are there in the world right now?
5. What is the bird flu?

6. List the name of 5 of the Best Health Sites as chosen by Mr. Olson.
........ Write a sentence about each one. One Two Three Four Five

7. What is the noncommunicable disease project? How will you present it to the class?

9. What disease killed millions of people in 1918?

10. Find the website about Joseph Merrick. Tell one new fact you learned.
11. What is smallpox? CDC info Is it still a threat to people? When was the last case reported?
12. According to the Longevity Game, how long will you live? (Longevity Game ) Hold the control button down when you click on the second link.

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