1999 Quiz Bowl

For more than twenty years Old Orchard has held a quiz bowl competition between the grade level teams. After each team competition, a school wide competition is held.
Questions are submitted by teachers and are read at each event by Ms. Cook.
Mr. Wolff has sponsored and organized this event since it started.
Let Mr. Wolff know if you have comments or questions about the quiz bowl.

Sorry 6th graders, no pictures were taken of your competition.

7th grade quiz bowl 1
7th quiz bowl 2
7th quiz bowl 3
7th quiz bowl 4
7th quiz bowl 5
7th  qiz bowl 6
7th quiz bowl #7
7th quiz bowl #8
7th quiz bowl #9
7th quiz bowl #10
7th quiz bowl #11
7th Quiz bowl #12
Congratulations to all participants!
7th quiz bowl # 13

Thanks to Ms. Marino for taking these pictures using a Casio QX5000!

The seventh grade competition!

Oracle team..best wishes
Olympian 8 Team
Oracle 8 Team
Oly. Team gets ready
Oracles and audience
Oly. Team and audience
The Competition
Competition 2
8th Competition
8th grade audience
student judges
Congratulations to all participants.


Pictures by Mr. Olson using a Sony Mavica FD-81.

The eighth grade competition!
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