Awards and Accolades

My thanks to all the organizations and individuals that have presented my site with an award!
Receiving awards inspires me to work harder to improve and expand Teaching Health & Using Technology.
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Education Related Awards

Simple Guide Education Award
Simple Guide Bronze Award
Simple Guide Useful Award

Idiom Sisters Content Rich Award
Graham Nash Awards for Excellence
High in the Sky Award
Rhonda's Choice
Eli's Homework Helper Award

Oz Award
Canadian Teacher Award
Ellens Top Ten
Snow Rogers Elementary School
Class Act from About .com
Cyber TeddyAward
Kids Nook Award
Parent to Parent Wisdom Award Select Site
New Horizons Design -Education Award
Mrs. P's Kids Award of Excellence/Educational Websites

USA Today Education Best Bet Site of the Week

The Draco Award
Schools Online Award of Excellence
Greg's Place -Excellent Site for Teachers
WEBNET Webrating Five Stars
A School Zone Award
EduNet Choice Award
Class Collections First Place
Terrie's Best Educational Site
Teacher Oz Rose Award for Sweet Sites
The Busy Educator Award
Cool Face AwardCa
rla's Creations Award of Excellence

Lucy Award
ICE Web Showcase Award Winner 1999

Web Design Company Awards

The Pinnacle Club Award
Jeff Hobath Design Award

Too Cool Award by Mephis Jan
GoldenWebAward 2000
AM Riser Award
Ale Project
Team Creations Award for a Site with Lots of Heart
A+ Web Designs Approved
River Goddess Web Design Excellence Award
The Critical Mass Award
Wishing Well Web Page Excellence Award
Art of the Web Pro Award
VWebworld's Great Site Award
Cyber Platium Award

Hawk Award from High-Density .com
Improved Site Award-Fortress Web Design

Business/Non-Profit Awards

Personal Site Awards Silver Award
Curt's Web Excellence Gold Award
Leinse10/42 hideaway
Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award 2001 in Bronze
The Ozz Award
Stars Award
Cool Site of the Moment
Home Grown Award of Excellence
iSilver Surfer Award
Silver 2000 Medal for Web Page Excellence
Midnight Sun Award
Golden Gate Humanitarian Award
Odonata Award for Creativity
Bee-utiful Site Award
Lady Shae's Diamond Award
Nicole's Briefing Room
Gold Award
Friendly Forever Award

Cosmic Dandelion Award

DynoWomyn Award of Excellence
Aurora's Beautiful Site Award
Shadies Mystery Awards
Cool Site Award from Madison's Compy Cottage

Extra Cool Web Site Award

Udderly Fantastic Web Site Award
Web Excellence Award
Virtual Cafe Award of Excellence
Kelchen's Artroom Disciple Award
Award of Excellence
Karen's Award for Website Excellence
Double L Ranch Award for the Best Web
Artis Hot Site Award
Nem Five Web Maggic Awards(2)
Tiny's Home
Natje's Award of Excellence
Web Award of Distinction
Seasons of Change
Gayla's Garden
Vikings Award