Wild Animals of Vancouver Island

1999 Trip to Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island is home to bears, cougars, eagles and more. We saw many eagles, bears, but no cougars. Here are a few of the animals we were able to capture with our digital cameras.

Double click on a picture to see a larger view...
raccoon at Point No Point
An uninvited guest tries to get into our cabin!
wild pigeon
We met this wild pigeon along a forest trail...

The shore and tidal pools held many varieties or crab..
crab 2


Tidal pool residents...
tital pool




O.K., we did not see this creature alive, but they did live in BC a few thousand years ago... Don't miss the Natural History Museum in Victoria... It is great!

stelar jay

Stelar Jays were everywhere...
And always looking for a handout.


goat on roof

Some animals were not wild, just unusual. This goat mowed the roof of a wonderful grocery store in the middle of Vancouver Island...

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