Brain Dead

a poem by Liya
a student at Old Orchard Junior High


Went to a party and started drinking,
He got in the car without even thinking,
He ran out of beer and wanted some more.
After a couple of bottles he was on his way to the store,
He turned the keys and drove away,
But he didn't come back on the next day,
They found him in the forest in the middle of May,
He was lying there, with nothing to say,
Still as a stick, with blood all over.
Just because he was not sober.


All his friends,
All his family,
They knew it would happen.
They knew it would.
They knew they should help him.
They knew they should.


But now it is over, it is too late.
They let such a person, a person so great,
Die at such a young age of seventeen,
This was his only mistake, he was never mean.
His dreams will never come alive,
Everything he was dreaming since he was five,
They will al stay inside his head.
Only because he is now dead.


It is over.
It is done.
His life in heaven has just begun.

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