ESL at

Old Orchard Junior High School

What is ESL?
ESL (English As a Second Language) is a program that help students who don't speak English.

This is the entrance to the
ESL Center.
One of the ESL class is Mrs. Miller's classes. She teaches kids who don't speak English at all.
Everyday Mrs. Miller helps the kids with their work and she helps them understand it.
Everyday Mrs. Miller prepares new work and fun activities for the kids.
This is the afternoon class that Mrs. Miller teaches.

Mrs. Ghetzler is another ESL teacher. She teaches ESL Reading L.A, Science, Social Studies.
Nick, is working on a project in the computer lab.
Sargon is working in the computer lab on a Science project.
Here are more students working on this project.
This is Mrs. Ghetzler's Language Arts class, the students are busy reading a book.
 Mrs. Ghetzler's Language Arts students are working on their essay .
This is Mrs.Nordberg ESL Center class.
These are more of
Mrs.Nordberg students.
Mrs. Epstein is another ESL Center teacher and these are some of her students.
Sargon and Pedro are in
Mrs.Epstein's class, too.
Here is Mrs.Singer with her class. She is reading a book to her class.
Mrs.Greenwood teaches ESL Center.
These is some of the work that the students in ESL Center made.
Mrs.Ghetzler's Science class learned about your health and what smoking causes to your body and these is one of the drawings that a student made.
Mrs. Nordberg's Social studies class made a quilt about African American's.
These are some of the books that students in Language Arts read.
More books that they read.
And more books that they read.
We hope you enjoyed learning about the ESL Center.

---Esther and Bianca

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