ESL Field Trip

talking about ESL in high school

In this picture the students are listening to the high school teaches talking about the ESL .

OOJH boys talking after enjoying a ice cream

After enjoying a delicious ice cream, the students sat and talked.

ESL students are listening to the ESL high school talking

Ms. Glada, a high school teacher, was introducing all the ESL teachers to the students.

Some of the ESL students

OOJH students...

ESL students listening to the teachers

The students had a chance to ask questions about ESL.

some students who attendet the tripp

The students are in the high school hallway.

former oojh students in high school

These are some formal OOJH students in high school.

junior hogh school student asking a question

After touring around the school the students enjoyed an ice cream.

former OOJH student at high school

Here are more formal OOJH students.

OOJH students are posing for a picture

When they finished the ice cream they were talking and posing for pictures.

former OOJH student

Gerardo is also a former student and he was kind enough to pose for a picture.

students talking

The students are talking and getting ready to go back to school.

these are  OOJH  students  taking a picture

These are some of the guys who attended the field trip.

The girls are posing for a picture.

A student posing for a picture

This is a happy OOJH student.

teachers talking about students

Mrs. Ghetzler is one of the OOJH teacher and she is talking with the high school teachers.

students going on the halway

OOJH students walking on the hallway and posing for a picture.

teachers posing for a picture

Mrs. Epstein and Mrs. Nordberg two other OOJH ESL teachers.

the director

Bianca took the pictures you are watching.

One OOJH student on the bus going back from high school

This Is Pedro on the bus on the way back to school.

ESL students

These are two girls who attended the trip.

We are on the bus on the way back

We're back!

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