Favorite Pictures

1999 Trip to Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a wilderness in transition. There is development, but there is still wilderness. Wild and beautiful places exist in a unique rain forest environment. Isolated beaches and beautiful trails abound.

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rugged coastline
The changing shoreline was magnificent and varied...
These shots are from
Pacific Rim National Park.
hazy beach

Juan de Fuca Trail
The rain forest is still to be found in parks and preserves...

Big trees remind of what the Island looked like only a generation ago.

Cathedral Grove

Restaurant view at Pacific Rim National Park
beach and sky
More views from Pacific Rim National Park.
flowers in rock

rain on deck
Rain is a part of any rain forest...


From our cabin at Point-No-Point Resort.

cabin view


Sunrise 1

The sunrise at Telegraph Cove will long be remembered...

sunrise at Telegraph Cove


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