Teen Health 7 Food Mini-Project

This activity will help you with your menu project and help you prepare for the Unit 2 Exam on Nutrition and Fitness. Complete all the steps in order.

Step One: Review the terms for the nutrition unit you have been studying. Try out all the games and don't stop until you know all the terms. These terms will be on the exam! Nutrition Activities

Step Two: Now you need to get out a piece of paper. Go to the Fast, but Smart web site and look up information about fast food restaurants. Write down one healthy menu item from every restaurant you visit. If you cannot find a healthy item, then write that on your paper. Turn in your assignment by the end of the period. Fast, but Smart

Step Three: Now that you have completed the assignment, take time to look over the web sites below. You will find ideas to help you complete your menu project. To review the guidelines for the menu project check this site. Project Guidelines. To see projects from the first quint, check here. Quint One Menus.

Fast Food Facts
The Healthy Fridge
The Nutrition Cafe
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