Make A Difference Day...Worth the Wait...

Old Orchard Junior High School
Student Leaders!
Student Leaders at Garfield Park

On Saturday, October 23, 1999, Student Leaders traveled to Garfield Park Conservatory, located on Chicago's west side, to participate in a community project. This effort was part of the nationwide observance of Make a Difference Day! (Double click on an image for a larger view.)

we are ready! ready to work diggin in cleaning up

This year our task for the day was to clean and beautify a vacant lot near the Conservatory.

more junk collectors junk collectors We found a car bumper collectors
cleaning up project start of project

We were joined in our efforts by community activists. Our efforts even inspired a couple of residents who lived next door to the vacant lots to join in the cleanup.

working shoveling shoveling moving mulch
wheelbarrow man spreading mulch Ms Sylan works hard! discussion with community activist

The Conservatory is working with the community to beautify the surrounding community.

hard worker cleaning up break
Parent volunteer parents Mr. Olson job done!
Thank you volunteer parents! Finished! Twenty bags of debris was collected and mulch was spread over 2/3 of the property!

After a morning of hard work, we went back to the Conservatory for lunch and a discussion about the importance of the project we just completed.

Friends Seconds! Pizza Lunch
After lunch we were given a private tour of the Conservatory.
Flowers! Fall Show new friends Fern room description
In the fern room. friends Tour Fern Room
We returned home exhausted, but confident we had made a difference!
Mr. Daniels Tired! Student Leader! Exhausted!
Digital pictures by Mr. Olson, Sherish and others! Cameras: Toshiba PDR-M4, Casio QV-2000UX and Casio QV-700.