Ms. Margaret Clauson, Associate Principal
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Ms. Clauson is on the right in this picture taken on the first day of the 2000-2001 school year.

Ms. Clauson formerly taught sixth grade math and science at Wilmette Junior High School and High Crest Middle School.

Her education includes a BS from University of Illinois and a Masters Degree from Northwestern University.

Ms. Clauson loves sailing but does not own a boat. She reports she can often be seen crewing in sailing regattas on Lake Michigan. According to Ms. Clauson, it is not as glamorous as it sounds!

Ms. Clauson's office is next to the Health office to the left of the main office.


Ms. Margaret Clauson
phone 847-676-9010 ext 213


Ms. Clauson announcing the first
Cultural Arts program of the 2000-2001 school year.

Ms. Clauson greets students at the start of the 2000-2001 school year.
Ms Clauson on 6-9-2000
Ms. Clauson signed yearbooks on the
last day of a successful and stressful year!

Administration of OOJHS
Ms. Clauson with our principal, Bill Melsheimer.
Not pictured is our new
Dean of Students, Ms Kimberly Heath

Ms. Clauson during her first weeks on the job. Since that time her duties have increased in complexity.
Ms. Clauson around OOJHS...
Ms. Clauson and Mr. Melsheimer
Mr. Melsheimer and Ms. Clauson in consultation.
Helping at food drive
Ms. Clauson helping bring food to the food pantry.
Ms. Clauson at meeting
Ms. Clauson at a meeting.
Ms. Clauson Reading

Ms. Clauson looks over the books at the PTA Book sale.

Ms. Clauson at play.Speaking at Play

Ms. Clauson introduced the play to visiting fifth graders.

Ms. Clauson participated as Mistress of Ceremonies at our 12th annual Snowflake program.

Ms. Clauson at the
Olympian 6th Grade Medieval Feast.
Ms. Clauson and Mr. Gregory
Ms. Clauson
and Mr. Gregory,

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