Culminating project in Nutrition Unit
  • Each menu features 20 or more entrees.
  • All food must be low fat.
  • All food is broiled, baked or steamed.
  • Meat portion servings are no more than 3 oz.
  • Use of fruit and vegetables encouraged.
  • Authentic menu appearance, including prices.
  • Corrected 5/30/200. Thanks, Bubba!

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Teen Health Hall of Fame Award, which is given for outstanding achievement! The blue ribbon is given to the best menu of this quarter.
menu projects
Julia's Healthy Heaven

The purpose of my restaurant is to get customers to eat healthy foods, rather than fatty, unhealthy foods. One healthy entree is a fat-free ravioli!

menu projects
Chrissy's Health Food Cafe

The purpose of my restaurant is to have you eat healthy food while enjoying yourself. One healthy entree is angel hair pasta with broccoli in a light tomato sauce.

Nothing in my restaurant is fried. We sell many fruits and vegetables. All our foods are made with the best quality ingredients, like extra virgin olive oil.

Amber's Amazing Health Food Cafe
menu projects

The purpose of my restaurant is to serve low fat, low calorie, but still good food. Our cafe serves healthy foods that could save your life. One of our healthy entrees is grilled shrimp and scallops.

J.C.'s Nutrient Cafe
Menu Project

The purpose of Wilson's Nutrition bar is to serve customers healthy and good tasting food. To encourage people to eat healthy, our prices are low. One good entree is spaghetti with a small sirloin.

Wilson's Nutrition Bar
Menu Project

Menu Project
David's Health Restaurant

One of our featured entrees is whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce. Our purpose is to give people such a nutritious meal that they will want to come back for more.

Menu Project
Bart Simpson's Tree House Cafe

The purpose of my restaurant is to serve healthy food that people will want to eat again and again. One healthy entree is fresh salmon, steamed from head to fin.

Menu Project
Spicy Heaven's Low-Fat to No-Fat Diner

In this restaurant you eat for your heart, not your stomach. One healthy entree is veggie pizza.

This restaurant serves food that has been proven to reduce your chances of getting cancer and other deadly diseases One healthy entree is baked chicken. It is a 3 oz. chicken served with steamed vegetables and a side dish of mashed potatoes and low-fat gravy.

Life Savers Cafe
Menu Project

At our restaurant the place mats have the food pyramid on them. Water is free and you can choose from spring water or tap water.

The Healthy Hut
Menu Project

I want to give my customers a good, satisfying and healthy meal without spending lots of money. One healthy entree is vegetable-tofu lo mien.

The Garden of Healthy Eating
Menu Project

Our restaurant serves seafood. We serve tasty and delicious food. All of our sauces, chips and toppings are low in fat. One healthy item we serve is seafood "extravaganza" which is lobster, shrimp, scallops, and fish. It is seasoned with garlic, lemon and served on a bed of linguini.

Tropical Paradise
Menu Project

Menu Project
The People's Cafe

My restaurant provides healthy foods for dieters. I serve broiled fish or fish cooked with bread crumbs.

Menu Project
SMACK Down Cafe

I provide healthy eating for all people. One entree is a 3 oz Smack Down burger. It includes lettuce, tomato and lean meat.

I want to make people healthy. One entree is a veggie burger.

Brian's Place
Menu Project

I serve great tasting food that is low in fat. One healthy entree is the skinless-boneless broiled chicken breast. It is marinated in lemon and herbs. It comes with rice and steamed broccoli.

Big Bri's Diner
Menu Project

My restaurant has all kinds of healthy choices. One entree is baked, skinless, chicken.

Incredible Cuisine
Menu Project

Menu Project
Healthy Fast Foods

I want to help people stay on a healthy diet without being tempted by high fat and calorie food. One healthy entree is our fruit salad. It has oranges, apples, grapes and pears.

Menu Project
Boris' Famous House

I serve fat-free meat and all entrees are loaded with vegetables.

Menu Project
Mike's Eatery

I provide customers with low fat foods at low prices. One healthy entree is zesty chicken. It has 3 oz. of chicken with potatoes and gravy.

This is the best diner in the world. Stop in for a bowl of rice with skinless, boneless chicken.

Garfield Diner
Menu Project

My restaurant is drug-free. All the food is nutritious and low in fat. One healthy entree is chicken portabella. It is a 3 oz. chicken steak and slices of portabella mushrooms. Served with mozzarella cheese and a touch of salt.

Cuban Cuisine in Skokie
Menu Project

I serve the healthiest food that I could. Our salad has fresh spinach, lettuce and tomatoes. It is served with a fat-free dressing.

Cartman Restaurant
Menu Project

Menu Project
Bubba's Best BBQ

I guarantee you will love my restaurant. I had a dream and this restaurant is what came of it. Our ribs (small serving) are marinated in vinegar and then smoked with hickory along with a special sauce.

Menu Project
Lean Chinese Cuisine

I serve you nutritious foods with low fat. One example of our food is steamed broccoli and minced carrots.

Menu Project
Fabiola's Fabulous Healthy Joint

We serve healthy good food. One entree is a grilled cheese sandwich with low fat cheese.

My diner is all about good quality food with great prices. We also make sure that all of our food has a positive effect on you health. One entree is our chicken platter. The boneless, skinless breast is grilled just right so it is very moist. It comes with roasted potatoes and a small dinner salad.

Moriah's Munchies
Menu Project

My restaurant has only healthy foods for you and your family. I also have very affordable prices. I hope you have a great meal and thank you for coming to Sweet T's Restaurant. One healthy entree is pasta with broccoli, and tomato sauce.

Sweet T's Restaurant
Menu Project

My restaurant serves good food that is good for you. One entree is penne pasta served with broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, and olive oil.

The Healthy House Cafe
Menu Project
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