Your destiny is not determined by the chances you take,
but rather by the
choices you make.

12th Annual Drug Prevention Program
for 7th & 8th Graders
March 25, 2000
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

What is Snowflake? Snowflake is a program designed to keep healthy kids healthy! In a series of large and small group sessions students discuss the importance of making good choices about alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Large Group Programs...

Keynote Speaker
Perfection on Wheels

Talent Show

Our keynote speaker this year is Patrick Heupel. Mr. Heupel spoke at Snowflake '97 and we are pleased to have him back.
Mr. Heupel is a nationally known motivational speaker and actor. His stories and comments will challenge us all to make better choices in our lives.

Perfection On Wheels is different than other school assemblies you have seen. The extreme athletes will attract and appeal to you in a manner that makes you eager to listen to their messages. The Perfection on Wheels team will show you that it's "cool" to wear a helmet and to "Just Say No!!" Their dynamic performance will teach you the importance of bicycle safety and will encourage you to lead a life free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The forty minute show, conducted by one of nation's top riders, uses audience participation, high energy music, and incredible bicycle stunts.

Our annual Talent Celebration will demonstrate what hard work, determination and being drug free can produce.
Casting Call! If you are a dancer, singer, musician or entertainer, consider participating in our Talent Celebration. See Mr. Olson for details.


Large Screen
Multimedia Show
Snowflake 2000 will also feature a new multimedia program, Chances or Choices which is shown on a 12'x40' screen. The program features clips from current movies and dramatic interviews with teens.

More than thirty staff members help to lead Snowflake. Seventy high school and college students participate as leaders and role models. Many of our leaders return year after year and is a big part of the success and longevity of our program.


Call for High School Leaders!

If you are a drug-free teen at Niles North and attended Snowflake at Old Orchard we invite you back to be a leader.

Send an email to Mr. Olson. An application will be sent to you.



The cost for Snowflake 2000 will be $6.00 which includes a T-shirt, warm fuzzy, lunch and all the programs.
To attend Snowflake you must fill out an application and return it to the main office. Applications will be available in the main office and from your advisory teacher.

Space is limited so get your form in early. See you on March 25!

12th A.

Warm Fuzzies

A "warm fuzzy" is a compliment, a hug, or a positive comment. We symbolize "warm fuzzies" by giving each participant a ball made of pieces of yarn. Throughout the day everyone collects and gives "warm fuzzies."



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