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Extra Credit Projects

Look through the projects listed below and pick one. Complete the requirements for the project. Send me an email with your answer and be sure to include your name and Teen Health class period.
All answers must be in complete sentences and spelling does count!

Send answers via Email:
Put the words "Extra Credit" in the subject line.
Project #1 An Apple a Day...
Research the sites below to find out how many apples are grown in the U.S. Send me an Email with your answer along with five or more other facts you learned about apples. Remember: An apple a day brings extra credit your way! Apples and More! or Apple Facts, Types, History
Project #2 Fetus Facts

Did you ever wonder what you looked like before you were born? Check out the following website and tell me what a fetus looks like and can do at 2, 4, and 6 months of development. Check out the video! Report to me with four facts you learned about a fetus. Fetus Facts

Project #3
Tobacco/Alcohol Poem

Write a poem about tobacco or alcohol. Send it to me via Email and I will post it on my site. For more extra credit illustrate the poem with images. You could even create a web page for me.

Project #4
Bird Flu! What's the big deal?
Find out the current information about the bird flu and write a paragraph about your findings. Include the website where you found the information!


Project #5 Learn about Nutrition

What do you know about nutrition? Complete two of the health contests at Report to me your scores and what you learned. For more credit take a look around at other areas of this web site and tell me your favorite pages. Healthy
Project #6 Communicable Diseases

This web site, celebrates the triumphs of microbe hunters and disease detectives. Today, scientists know how to battle and even prevent many diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Thanks to vaccines, some deadly diseases--such as smallpox and polio--no longer claim millions of lives in the U.S. Go to this web site and participate in a couple of the games. Report how you did on the games and what you learned. Infection, Detection Protection
Project #7 Pregnancy

Read the facts for the following site What fact do you find the most serious, scary or sad. What do you think needs to be done about it? Facts on Teen Pregnancy and Sex

Project #8
Killer Diseases

Diseases still kill millions of people in the world. Go to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) web site and research killer communicable diseases. Look up information about Ebola and two other communicable diseases. Tell me the symptoms, consequences and treatment for the three diseases. Center for Disease Control
Project #9 Help Prevent Food Poisoning!

Go to this site and find out several ways to prevent food-borne illness. Also, let me know how many of illnesses and deaths are caused each year by spoiled food! fight
Updated April 3, 2006