Telegraph Cove

Northern Vancouver Island


Telegraph Cove is the one of the only boardwalk communities that still exist on Vancouver Island. (Barnfield is another, but we, unfortunately, have not visited there.)
Originally a lonely telegraph station, it became a small lumber mill and later a fishing village.
Now it is a resort with some vintage and some new cabins. You can go fishing here or go looking for whales. We loved the hospitality here. A new development is being built across the bay from Telegraph Cove and it has spoiled the view in that direction. If anyone goes there let us know if the view has improved!

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Logging camp near Telegraph Cove...


Visit to pulp/paper mill
Campbell River Pulp Mill Tour

Big and hot...

xxView of Telegraph Cove
Vintage cabins on a boardwalk.
Telegraph Cove
Some of the best salmon fishing anywhere!

Carole, Gordy and Chinockxx
Spectacular sunrise on fishing trip with Gordy, the world famous owner of Telegraph Cove.


looking to whales


Success! Two 17 pound salmon which were made into lox. We saw no whales, but did see a large pod of porpoise swim by one morning.

returning to the cove

updated 5-13-2002


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