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Congratulations! (awarded 1/25/2002)

Your site "Teaching Health and Using Technology" has been reviewed by all our judges & we are proud to reward you with our 1 Simple Guide's Bronze Award & 1 Simple Guide's Useful Award! Your site will be added to our winners list in a few days time.

Once again, congratulations & thank you for the opportunity of judging your site. 10/30/2001
ongratulations on winning The Idiom Sisters
Your site is excellent!

We have added you to the winners' page. 10/2001

Dear Tim,

I am very pleased to announce that your website has been awarded the High In the Sky Award.
Your site, for the nature of its content and for the quality of the design and implementation, presents an undeniable excellence that puts it well above the remaining ones, making it worthy of being publicly designated as an example to be followed and as a true knowledge and information source.

Our best regards and, once again, congratulations on such an excellent site!

Carlos Paula Simões 10/2001

Dear Webmaster,

We are aware of the time and effort that goes into creating a successful web
presentation. First of all, I thank you for inviting me to your fine website
and the opportunity to review it. Your website was reviewed by me, and it
gives me great pleasure to report that your application was successful, and
present you with my Choice Award! 9/2001

Hello Tim:

Congratulations!! your site Teaching Health and Using Technology
definitely qualifies for our "Silver Homework Helpers Award". It is
informative, well
organized and has a good navigation.
Once again congratulations and keep up the great work! 9/2001


Hello, I have reviewed your site"Teaching Health and Using Technology:in accordance with the criteria for this program.
I was very much impressed with the quality of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, and effort went into the site you have created.
Hi Tim!
It is with great pleasure that I present you with the Great Work Award for
the wonderful job you have done on your site!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!
The award is attached below. Please link it back to my site! Your name will appear on my winner's page soon!
Thanks for inviting me for a visit! And again, congrats on a great site!
The team responsible for awarding the F.S.C.T. A+ Award wants to let you
know that Teaching Health and Using Technology in Education has been chosen as a recipient.

The selection criteria we used were:
1. The major focus for the site is education.
2. The audience is either teachers or students, at any age level.
3. The site is content oriented.
4. It is primarily a non-commercial site.
5. It is visually appealing and interactive.
6. It is "Kid-Safe".
7. It exhibits that "something extra".

Your site will be featured in our next newsletter 04/19/01 and a link added to our site.
You will find your award logo attached:

planet pals

Awarded 11/23/2000


Australian Award

Awarded 11/5/2000


Your site rocks! You have achieved an outstanding web site. Here is the prestigious Parent to Parent "Adding Wisdom" Award. It is the only nationally and internationally recognized award on the Internet. 11/2000


We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, and invaluable content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the

Education Award. 11/2000


Your web site has been reviewed by our content staff and youmay display the "Medical Award. (10/2000)



We at Snow Rogers Elementary School feel that the internet is an excellent resource for children, teachers, educators, and parents. To provide recognition for school sites that strive to provide these resources we want to show our appreciation by giving their site an award. Your school's site provides excellent resources for your school and children as well as all peoples interested in the welfare and education of children.
Snow Rogers is proud to be able to give your site our "A+ School Site Award", and we hope you will display the award on your site so everyone visiting will know that Snow Rogers Elementary thinks your site is GREAT!


Class Act Award

Congratulations! Your site has been officially recognized as an Class-Act-a classroom, school, or school district home page of the highest quality. 7/14/2000



Our KidsNook staff has reviewed your site and is pleased to inform you that you have won our esteemed award!Your site adds to the usefulness and quality of the Web. Thank you. And thank you for your interest in KidsNook



Your site has been reviewed and has been accepted into Only the best sites are chosen.


Cyber Teddy Award


Your Site has been listed People's Choice WebSite500 and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award.

This email message is to let you know that your web site has been accepted into the directory, the largest comprehensive online directory available specifically for the use of healthcare professionals on the Internet.



Your Web site has been selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY EducationWeb site for the week of: 11/21/99 through 11/27/99.

Each week the USA TODAY Education online staff selects three "Best Bets" sites they feel would be of educational value to our audience of subscribers and guests. These sites are listed on the USA TODAY Education home page for a one-week period with a brief description and a link to the site. Fewer than 150 sites are selected each year as USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web sites.

Mrs. P's Award of Excellence

Wow! Great site!

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen to receive "Mrs. P's Kids Award of Excellence for Educational Websites"! We were very impressed with your site, and we are honored to award your hard work and your dedication to the field of education. We thank you for contributing to the online educational community! We will be adding your page to our list of awards soon. We thought that with all you had to offer from sources outside your own classroom, we would consider it an Educational Website rather than a simple Class Homepage. Again, Congratulations!
Mrs. P's Kids (12/99)



Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as an ICE '99 Showcase Award Winner. 11/99



Your site has a lot of information that might inspire other educators to emulate your methodology or activities. I sincerely hope that you find this year to be even more successful than those in the past. 9/99

Featured site at

Congratulations! Class collections has been updated and your site has been included.


A very nice site, and healthy, too!


I have reviewed your site. Congratulations!!! You have won the A+ Web Design Approved award. Your site is well designed and is an interesting addition to the world wide web.


I am happy to award you with my cool faces award! I am inspired by teachers that care about their kids! The best with your site.


I have reviewed your site and am pleased to offer you theEduNET Choice Award for providing and maintaining valuable educational content. You will be linked under the category "previous winners and other useful links".


I would be honored to bestow the ROSE AWARD on your wonderful site. I will place links to your site on both my TEACHERS & EDUCATION and OTHER SUBJECTS pages under the Science/Health sections.


Congratulations,I loved your site!


Congratulations on your wonderful site. You did a great job on this site. Well done! I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. Your site will also be included in an upcoming issue of my Busy Educator's Newsletter and considered for inclusion inthe next edition of my book "The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web" and in my Highlights from The Busy Educator's Newsletter spot on my web site at



A site for a person who hopes to inspire his colleagues to use the internet more in education. A well structured site that looks fantastic. Well done


Wonderful Page!


Congratulations! Your site has won the Schools Online Award of Excellence!

Greg's Place Award

Just absolutely fantastic! There is nothing I like better than a quality teacher sharing their great ideas and classroom with others. Your site does an excellent job of presenting your class and projects.

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