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Hi, Timothy A Olson CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
I have visited your website Teaching Health and found it to meet the criteria of my Awards Program. Your site is good and your content is presented well and easy to access.You won the "Award of Effort" . A good work and a worthy contribution to make internet better. Congratulations once again and keep up your hard work.
Thank you for participating in my Awards Program and visiting my webpage.

Best Regards, Gianni

Congraulations on a Fine Site!
You win the Deco Silver Award! 11/2001
Congratulations!Your web site has won our GOLD award! We found that your site had very good content and was easy to navigate. Design and layout were both excellent!
Your hard work has earned you this award.

Congratulations! You've WOW'd us at MNE with your site!
The design, content and personality of your site shines above the rest.
Therefore.....you are a selected winner of the MNE WOW! Award. 4/15/2001

Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." 2/2001

Congratulations. You have won our award. 10/01/2000

We at The Domain Space were very pleased to have reviewed your website. We have decided to award you "The Domain Space Website Award for Excellence". 9/2000




We thank you for the opportunity to review your website. After due consideration, you have been chosen as a recipient of the Hendersonville Police Dept's Web Site Excellence Award! Your site was judged for its design, appearance, and content and was found to be deserving by the four Web Masters who have donated their time to the Hendersonville Police Department to review award applications.

Congratulations !! And we hope you enjoy receiving this award as much as we enjoy giving it .Keep up the great work and high standards that you have demonstrated in your site!

NiteOwl^ WebMistress Hendersonville TN Police Dept


French Natural Award ...French Natural Award

Greetings Tim, Yes, I went by your site and was very impressed by your dedication...I always review a site through my emotional intelligence. And yes, you have won two of my awards:
Quality of Life and An Environmental Prayer The review of your site will be done when you have posted the awards. You are absolutely free to link or not to link those awards back to my page...
Take good care of yourself, God Bless you,




From Pendragon Stringed Instruments

Congratulations! Thank you for nominating your Web site for the Pendragon Website Excellence Award -- we have visited your site and are pleased to announce that you're a winner!

Once again, thank you for nominating your Web site, and congratulations on winning! 2/2000



BuzzeZ Award

Hi Tim,

I am pleased to announce that your website has won a 'BuzzeZ! WebsiteAward' ! Your award number is 74.

You have been awarded this for your combination of high quality, ease of use,media and overall content on your site which we feel provides a genuinely interesting website to other people interested in which I assume is your favourite field.



From all of us here at DOCU-TYPE Administrative Services, we would like to thank you for your web site award submission.
We looked through your site and have come to one conclusion......IT'S GREAT! And, because we like it so much, we are proud to honour you with DOCU-TYPE's "SUPERB CHOICE"AWARD
Again, CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Janice D. Byer
DOCU-TYPE Administrative Services



We here at MMSeekers.com are happy to announce that your site has won our Creative Award. We have added your website to our AwardWinner's list.

After we received your Award application, we visited your website, reviewed your information and concluded that your website is a High Quality page in both design and service offerings.Based on the fact that we here at MMSeekers.com enjoyed your Website, we would like to offer our Creative Award for display on your Website.



The A L E - P r o j e c t
from Germany

Guten Tag,
wir moechten Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir Ihr Internet-Projekt fuer den 'The ALE-Project Award' nominiert haben. Unsere abschliessende Bewertung erhalten Sie in einer gesonderten eMail.
Bitte haben Sie jedoch Geduld. Wir behandeln die Bewerbungen i.d.R.nach Eingangsdatum und nehmen uns sehr viel Zeit (im Einzelfall bis zu drei Monate) fuer die Bewertung.
Anbei erhalten Sie eine kleine Grafik, die Sie in Ihre Seiten integrieren koennen, zur Bestaetigung der Nominierung.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Die Award-Jury von



Congratulations! Your web site has won the Westfield Web Top 10% of the Web Award. Your site has met or exceeded all our criteria and we are proud to present you with this award.



Congratulations, you are a winner of the Internet Brothers Bronze Plaque for Helpware Excellence. In reviewing your site we have found it to be inspirational. You should be very proud of the work you have done.



Congratulations, you have won the Psychohelp Bronze Award!



Congratulations on having won the Wizards Choice Award. It is sites like yours which make the Internet an enjoyable place.


Worth Surfing For

From the Netherlands

Congratulations! You have won yourself the Worth Surfing For Award.

Stuiver 2/25/2000



We have reviewed your site and find it worthy
of Vwebworld's GREAT SITE Award.



Congratulations! We have reviewed your site and have decided to award your the Trailrider Kids Safe Site Award. In additions to being kid-safe and kid-oriented, your site was well designed and easy to navigate.


Featured site July 1999


Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed by the editors of the New ABC's of Parenting Directory and chosen to appear in our listings. Again, congratulations on a terrific site.





Hello! We took a look at your page and thought it was great! We would like to offer you the Cool Site Surf Award from Just Us Kidz!



What a great site!
You definitely deserve the SPSG Award!





Congratulations your site has
won the Safe Surf Award!




Your web page has just received the CYBER SCANS
Award of Excellence for Web Page Design.
You have done an outstanding job creating your web page. Again, congratulations on a job well done!

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