My Favorite Sites on the Web
Atomic Clock
Live atomic clock time. Set your computer to exactly the right time. Click on the "Standard Time from the Atomic Clock"
American Memory
American history in words, stories and pictures. This site is huge and a starting point for any historical research.
Bergen, Norway Live! (link fixed, 8/31/2001)
Live sites in and around the beautiful coastal town of Bergen, Norway.
If you look carefully you can see people at the outdoor fish market.
The directory of search engines. Thousands to choose. Good for detailed research on a topic.
Brain Teasers and Mind Games
An excellent site with educational activities.
Cancer Facts "Brain Food"
Here is a great new site about cancer from the American Cancer Society. Clear and concise.
Color Matters

"Color planys a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or sooth your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite." This site will open your eyes to the world of color!

Computer Virus Myths

Get the real scoop on all the computer virus stories you hear about. Solid, reliable information.

The Computer Museum
Great source of information on the history of computers.
Fascinating site!
Earthquakes Now!
Great site that tracks earthquakes and takes you to locations with interactive maps!

A massive site that gives you access to the entire U.S. government!

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find. Subjects include: Arts Educational technology Foreign languages Health and Safety Language arts Mathematics Physical education Science Social studies Vocational education.
Health and Nutrition Materials
Interesting site from the Food and Nutrition Information Center. Web sites for all kinds of non-profit and food organizations. Check out the watermellon site or the peanut butter lovers sites!
Health Information for Teachers
A wealth of information, links and suggestions for health educators.
Internet Public Library
Librarian site that is extensive. Excellent starting point for any research on the web.
Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators
Most decorated educator webmaster on the web.
Library Spot gives you a quick starting point to a number of Web reference resources. It has stats, current events and links to everything from acronyms to ZIP codes. 

An 8th grader offers advice on html, CSS  and java.  I love this page.
Great ideas for enhancing your web page.


Popular Songs in American History
Find out what songs were popular during various periods in American history. This unique collection contains audio files, lyrics, and historical notes. "Greensleeves" was popular in sixteenth-century America. "The Drinking Gourd" was from the Civil War era. "I've Been Working on the Railroad" was what the forty-niners sang as they searched for gold in California.
Find the best prices for computer and electronics. Check here before buying any product on the web.
Create Learning Activities online.
This is a great site for teachers! A good way to begin using technology in your classroom.
Truth or Fiction?
Did you get a change email lately that sounded authentic, but at the same time did not seem right. Go here to see an extensive collection of myths, false stories and scams. It also tells you if the story is real.

Who Named it?

Great site that gives the biography of diseases and organs discovered by doctors.

Youth Violence Prevention