6th Grade.

Science Project

MVC-633S MVC-635S MVC-636S
Science classes have been studying biomes this Fall.
Working in groups, students reseached the eight biomes of the world. As part of the project,
students created mini-biomes and simulated the conditions of each.
MVC-638S MVC-639S MVC-640S
Students found out about the specific plants and animals that live in the biome they researched.
MVC-641S MVC-642S MVC-643S
Desert - Tropical Rainforest - Freshwater - Marine - Deciduous Forest - Boreal Forest - Grassland - Tundra
MVC-644S MVC-645S MVC-646S
Students also created a food web for their biome and shared the findings with the rest of the class.
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Sixth Grade Science Teachers

Ms. Grewe, Oracle Team
Ms. Wagner, Olympian Team

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