My Classroom

My classroom design incorporates technology and offers students a friendly atmosphere to learn. Since my classroom is my home away from home, I designed it to be a comfortable place to work and teach.
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South view of my room...The walls have assignment boards, posters, class outlines, and student work.

West view of my room...The wall is devoted to T-shirts from past Snowflake programs. It is a perennial classic and gets new additions from time to time. You can also see two of the four Baby Think It Over babies.

West view of my classroom

North view of my room...This view shows 5 computers that are available for student use. The computers are all hooked up to the Internet and a printer. The computers are also connected to the school's network giving students the ability to save and retrieve work. One student computer is connected to the large TV at the front of the room. When students give presentations, they use this computer to project their presentation to the class.

students using computers

East view of my room... This view looks to my office area. In front of my desk I have a diner counter with stools. It is an informal area where I can converse with one or two students. Also in front is my 35" television, VCRs, laserdisc and three computers. Both computers are hooked up to the television for PowerPoint and Internet presentations.

student  presentation

Close-up of my desk... I wanted a space big enough to conduct all the business of teaching but still be open to my classroom. I also wanted room for at three computers. One is my Mac, which I just cannot let go of,one is a Pentium 3-550 for email, Internet and web design, and the last one is an AMD 750 which I use for producing web pages and the district cable television show.

Close up of my desk
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