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Updated 11/21/2001
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Digital cameras are wonderful tools for presentations, web sites, recognizing student achievement, awards and digital slide shows.

The first real consumer digital camera came out in 1991. Remember the Apple Quick Take 100? In 1994 Casio marketed the  QV-10 digital camera. It was the first consumer digital camera with a LCD viewfinder and a resolution of 320x280. In just six years, camera resolution has increased to more than 2048x1536. Some models are  over  2200x1500 million pixels.

If you print with a high quality printer and use special glossy paper, you can now take images that are approach a 35mm image. However, you are limited by the resolution and quality of your printer. To find out more about digital cameras check out this tutorial site. Digital Camera Tutorial

                 Sony MVC-CD-1000                         

This camera promises another revolution in storage technology. This camera uses a CD to record images! By using a small CD-R the camera can store 156 MB of images at a cost of only $4.00! The resolution of this camera is 1600x1200. It has the highest zoom of any digital camera at 10x optical and 20x digital.

For a complete review of this camera go to The Imaging Resource.

I bought it and do not regret it for a moment. The zoom feature along with high shutter speeds really stops action. Being able to download from any computer is neat. Drawback... The CD-R is not reusable. When it gets filled, you must file it. Also, you can delete images, but the space on the disk is still used up. Given the low price of the disks, I will live with this drawback.

Sony now has two CD cameras that CD-RW disks. The resolution is better, but they only have a 3x zoom...

           Casio Model 3000 EX                       

(Recently Released is the Casio 4000 which has a 4 million pixel resolution!)

This camera is one of the latest super high resolution cameras. You can take pictures and print them on 13"x19" stock paper. (Super B Size) The results are fabulous!
For an excellent online review of this camera, click here.

* True 3+ million pixel sensor, 2048x1536 resolution      * High-quality 3x f/2.0 zoom lens made by Canon

* Manual focus, manual exposure options                       * Movie capture

*Ships with the IBM 340 mg MicroDrive                        * Price is about $900

           Casio Model 2900                        

Casio is producing this camera exclusively for educators. It ships with an 8 MB compact flash card. The memory slot also accomodates the IBM microdrive. This camera has many great features including more than 20 presets that allow you to get great shots in many different lighting situaltions.


* True 2.1+ million pixel sensor, 16x1200 resolution     
* High-quality 8X optical zoom, 32x digital zoom
* Many options and unique features!                      
* Movie capture
* IBM MicroDrive Ready
*USB port for downloading images. Really easy and fast!                       
* Priced at $339...Worth the price for the zoom and Microdrive support!
Being discontinued, so look around for a close out price.

Printers...I use theHP1120C and the HP 1220 printers. They print copies up to 13"x19". The resolution of 1200x1200 and 2400x1200. The cartridges last longer than any other printer I have owned.

The HP 1220 is quieter than the 1120 and produces great quality prints...


Digital Memory

Floppy A floppy disk cheap, easy to use and universal to all computers. The photos are stored on the disk as jpeg files and are ready to use. (Sony only)

 Smart Media These cards are small and have the capability of being loaded into a floppy adapter. Smart Media cards are available up to 128 MB sizes which will store hundreds of images. Floppy adapters are available (some cameras are bundled with one) and MircoAccess makes a card reader. Agfa just announced that they are dropping Smart Media in favor of Compact Flash. So the future of this type of storage is questionable.(Agfa, Olympus, Toshiba, Fuji, others)

Compact Flash These cards are larger and more durable than Smart Media cards. They are available in sizes up to 512 MB. Card readers are available that allow the flash card to function like another hard drive on your computer (Sandisk, MicroAccess). (Casio, Polaroid, Kodak, others)

Memory Stick (Sony Only) Has adapters for card readers. Cards cost more than other formats. 64 MB cards have been announced, but not shipped. (Remember Beta-Max?)

IBM MircroDrive (Only Casio) This drive stores 340 MB! That translates into more than 400 1600x1200 images.
Right now this drive sells for $179.00. But cost per MB is reasonable.
A one Gig drive is now available for $339.00.

Iomega Clik Drive (Agfa) Wow, another new idea! This camera uses the 40 MB Clik Drive that only costs $10.00! The downside is you need a Clik Drive reader that is fairly expensive.

Super Drive Another breakthrough. One camera now has this feature...Others may follow, but you must have a SuperDrive to make this work.

CD-R Sony does it again with another format. This time they have a winner!

A camera using Compact Flash storage is the best choice if you are taking lots of high quality images and are not sharing the camera.

If the camera is going to be shared by many people, then the best choice is the Sony Mavica line of cameras which use floppy disks.

The Sony Infolithium battery is the best of all the cameras I have seen. It lasts much longer between charges and the camera lets you know how many minutes are left before charging is needed.
Tip: Buy an extra long life battery for a spare. (model 550)

The Sony CD1000 is a unique camera with a great zoom lens

For downloading, buy a card reader. They are fast and reliable.

 Digital Camera Resource

1. Great prices on IBM Microdrives and CF. $203.00 for a 340 Gig drive!

2. Digital Camera Resource Page Check here for the latest information about digital cameras.

3. Digital Eyes Another great site with reviews, news and information. Digital Eyes has an excellent free newsletter.

4. Digital Photography Exhibit See what other people are doing with their digital cameras.

5. Batteries The place for NiMH batteries. NiMH batteries are the best type for use with cameras using AA batteries. These batteries can be charged anytime without causing damage. They can be recharged over 500 times.

6.Computer Shopper Find the best digital camera price online! Also good for printers, computers and other hardware. See also: PriceScan

7. Foam Board with Perfect Mount. Send them an email for prices on the sizes you need.

8. Inkjet Paper in large sizes from or

9. (Cheapest prices yet on Microdrive ($169.00 for a 340MB)



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