Digital Imaging in Education...Imagine the Possibilities-Experience the Realities

Goals for this Workshop

• Learn ways to integrate digital technology in teaching.
• Learn what cameras are available and how images are stored.
• Learn ways to work with images
• Learn web resources for additional information.
• See how PageMaker 6.5 can be used to manipulate and present
digital pictures (Time magazine cover example)
• Learn how to make a thumbnail of an image in Photoshop and create
.....a shadow for text
• See how Gizmos can be used to create slide shows
• Take digital pictures and create presentations

Topics Covered in Workshop

Ideas For Use in Classrooms: recognition, publicity, motivation, identification, slide shows, documentation, web sites, ....cable shows

Camera Options: zoom, flash, storage, battery, LCD screen, ....controls, movie options, effects, file formats (jpg, pict, tiff), ....downloading and saving

Resolution and file size:
...320x240(25k), 640x480(50-100k), 1024x768(100-250k), ,,,,....1280x960(250-500k), 1600x1200(500k-1mg)

Digital Storage:

Compact Flash(Casio, Nikon, Kodak, more)

Floppy disks (Sony only)

Smart Media (Olympus and lots of others)

Memory Stick (Sony only)

Coming Soon!

Working with Images:

Photoshop 5.0

PageMaker 6.5 Plus

Web Resources Gizmos for Windows98 (buy it!) Everything about digital cameras, reviews, news, types Where to buy the camera and get the best price Great source for NiMH batteries/chargers

This workshop could be anywhere from one hour for an introduction to 10-15 hours for in-depth hands on creation of awards, newsletters and slide shows.


Tim Olson Old Orchard Junior High School

9310 Kenton Avenue

Skokie, IL 60076

phone: 847.676.9010 ext. 141

email: or