Digital Technology Class
District 68...Summer '99
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Workshop Attendees
Comments about the Workshop
Marilyn Higgins. OOJH

It's mind-boggling to see how many things are possible with the technology that's available today. It would be great if we could use these applications in more classrooms!

Mary Kayaian. Stenson


Great workshop with practical applications! Thank you!

Ron Volk, OOJH
Great Workshop!

Karen Beck, ECC
Excellent workshop. This technology will enhance both the ESL Center and the Early Childhood Center.

Michael LaCerra, OOJH

Using the GIZMOS digital slide presentation will be a great way for me to have students in their "reading cycles" culminate their common reading experiences. The potential is there!

Jerry Michel, Devonshire

Tim is very dangerous if you want to act on all the good ideas. I will need to get a grant the size of a small country's budget in order to implement everything!

Note from Jerry's nice work as webmaster of Devonshire School

Deb Cassidy, Devonshire

Well thanks again for your time at the workshop. I loved seeing all the new toys!!!!

Sandy Kraus, Devonshire

I thought the workshop was great and very informative. I learned many new and interesting things.

Kathy K
Kathy Kautz, OOJH

The digital camera workshop was phenomenal! I enjoyed learning about the different types of cameras that can be used for specific purposes as well as the features available on various cameras. It was interesting to learn about the memory needed for applications and how to utilize accessories to their fullest.

Ralph Larsen, OOJH

Even though I could only attend the second day of this workshop, I found the information very interesting and informative. Tim really has a lot to offer in this area, and he organized the workshop very well. Thank you , Tim.

Sylvia Accardi, OOJH

Tim put together a great workshop filled with loads of information about digital technology. The more I attend workshops like this one, the more I find out how much there is to learn. Learning from someone who knows and having the software available for hands-on is the best way to learn. Thank you Tim!

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