Favorite Health Related Sites
Links checked and revised December, 2001
AIDS Information.....The Body (Another good AIDS Site)
Extensive information on AIDS and

AIDS in Africa
Comprehensive report from CNN

Alcohol Information Click on the sites listed for specific information.
Al-Anon and Alateen
Alcohol Impairment Chart
Alcoholics Anonymous
How Can I Get Help?
American Dental Association
Consumer and educational information
American Heart Association
Excellent site information on diet, exercise and heart disease.
American Lung Association
Lung diseases, prevent lung problems, effects of tobacco on health.
Data base of information for 175 diseases related to the brain.

Lots of interactive movies on a variety of health topics.

Understanding Cancer

Concise definition, with illustrations, of cancer. In slide show format.

Cancer Facts "Brain Food"
Great new site that provides an overview of cancer, treatment and prevention.

Great starting point for cancer research.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
A strong advocacy group for healthy diets, food safety and labeling.
Center for Disease Control
Huge government data base on all diseases. This is an important first place to look for any disease research.
Children's Health Center
Part of the CDC. Games, activities and information for young people and teens.
Diet and Fast Food Links
This page contains a number of links to sites about fast food and food facts.

Dr. Koop.com
Outstanding medical information. Dr. Koop is the former Surgeon General of the United States and a pediatrician.

Discovery Health - Future Trends
See what health advances are predicted for the new millennium.
Dole Five a Day
Lots of good reason to eat fruit. This is a site with games, activities and even talking fruit. Elementary interest level.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The site for environmental health research. There are extensive search engines, games and simulations.
Face Facts
An interactive commercial site that gives lots of excellent advice for taking care of your skin. Acne is discussed in detail.
Fetal Development
Pictures and animations of fetal development.
Food Finder
Find out how much fat is in your favorite fast food. Really good site with extensive information. Read the directions carefully.

Food Safety.gov

All about food, bacteria...Excellent source of reliable information.

Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Resources
.An extensive directory of health information.

Health E-Tools
Interactive activities related to exercise, height, weight, food and more! One great part of this site is the Height Predictor which helps students get an idea of how tall they might become.

Health Index and Assessment
For teachers...A self assessment and planning guide for your health education program.

Health Links by Nancy Donohoue
Another great source of health information
Health Links from the Sacramento Library
Great places to look for health related information.
Health Teacher
All health teachers take note! Here is a site that has hundreds of lesson plans, resources and ideas.
Health Windows
This site is designed for middle school students and has extensive,
useful links to dozens of informative sites.
Health Surfing
This site has extensive current health information and health in the news items.
Health & Science Links
Extensive listings of sites for smoking, alcohol, diseases and general science.

Height Predictor
Find out how tall you will grow! Quick interactive tool!

How Things Work
Great facts about health. Check it out.
Kids Health Page
Health information from the FDA. (Food and Drug Administration) Food safety quiz and drug information.

Living to 100 New!
Another test to see how long you might live and if you will reach 100 years old.

The Longevity Game
Take this test to see how long you might live based on your heredity and lifestyle.
Mayo Clinic
Current health information with multiple search engines. The Mayo Clinic one of the oldest and most respected clinics in the world.

MediQuiz 2001
Find out what you know about medicine!

Mental Health Information from a group of Psychiatrists in Maryland
Excellent information on a variety of mental disorders and related issues

Museum of Menstruation
A curious and interesting site! Find out about the first tampon!
National Organization of Orphan Diseases
A MediQuiz (Find out what you know about medicine!)comprehensive site that documents over 1100 rare and unusual inherited disorders such as progeria and proteus syndrome.

Nutrition on the Web for Teens
Good information and activities. From ThinkQuest.

Nutrition Games
Lots a interesting games to test your knowledge of food groups and nutrients.
This site provides data on products that make fabulous claims that sound good, but do not work. Some are just a waste of money, and others could keep you from getting the treatment you need.
Robert Wadlow

Learn about the world's tallest man!

STD Information
Excellent summary of the major types of STD's. Current statistics and clinical data. Good resource for teachers.
Straight Talk on Suicide
This site is from KidsHealth and provides information and resources.
Tobacco Links
NoTobacco.org Great web site for research...all the links are here!
American Lung Association
Anti Smoking Tobacco Project
American Cancer Society
The Whole Truth
Smoking Hurts Everyone
Tips for Teens about Smoking!
Reasons to Quit - Non-Fatal Problems
Tobacco and You New 8/2001
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Food, nutrition, food regulations. Another huge government site.

US Government Sites for Kids!

An excellent starting point for finding reliable sites for students.

Information on diseases and treatments, surgery, patient information. This site is large and authoritative. Useful for research and background on many health topics.
Whole Truth
Shockwave enhanced site about tobacco and health. Activities, movies and great sarcasm.
World Health Organization
Diseases and health information from around the world.
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