March 2000

It is only a short bus ride from our school to
the museum.

All 8th grade students visit the Memorial as part of a Social Studies unit on World War II and the Holocaust. When students arrived they were given an introduction by staff members.

The Memorial is located on Main Street in Skokie, IL

The entrance to the Museum.

Students in front of the Torah.

Viewing a model of a Synagogue.

Hearing about the Memorial.

More students listening to the story of the the Memorial. Because of the limited space, students attended the Memorial in four groups.
After a general introduction to the Memorial, students and faculty had time to view the exhibits which include clothing, pictures and letters.
The exhibits teach a powerful lesson.

Students could search for family members in the book of family histories.

Skokie is home to many Holocaust survivors who, like the quote at the left, say, "We are the last ones, ask us."

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