Olympian 8 Field Trip Spring 1999

Skokie Holocaust Memorial Foundation, Illinois

Old Orchard Junior High School is fortunate to have the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois close to our school. Each year eighth grade students go to the Memorial to hear survivor stories and view the materials that are on display. It is a powerful and valuable experience for all students.

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on the bus
introduction to the foundation
We listen.
We hear firsthand accounts.
At foundation
Stutdents at foundation

The short bus ride to the Foundation.

Executive Director Lillian Polous Gerstner welcomed

Students listened attentively to Mr. Leo Figman, a concentration camp survivor and a founder of the Foundation, shared his real life experience during the Holocaust.

Among the many items on display is artwork created by Holocaust survivors.

Mrs. Gerstner explained many of the items on display.

students at foundation 2
Viewing exhibits.
Viewing Exhibits 2.

Among the items on display was a hand made replica of a Jewish Temple.

Students listened to the description of items on display.

One of the many volunteers provided students with a description of exhibits.

Olympian 8 Language Arts teacher, Ms. Sylvan, discusses items on display with students who have been reading the play, Diary of Anne Frank in her class.

Survivor story...
Survivor story 2...

Looking at the Book of Names.

Exhibits at the museum also include school projects on the Holocaust.

Students listened to the real life story of a woman who escaped Nazi Germany as a child.

Mrs. Saffro, a museum speaker, shared the picture of her family and a special momento from the Holocaust.

Students posed for a picture with Mrs. Saffro.

Scale model...
We hear..
We listen...
We learn...
Viewoing exhibits...

A close up photo the model of a temple created by a survivor.

Some of the 260 students who attended the museum this May.

One of the museum volunteers explain the layout of the exhibit area and answer questions about items on display.

A student looks at the yellow stars worn by Jews in Germany.

Looking for names...
Finding a name...

Mrs. Tallurico and students look at photos taken during the Holocaust.

On display was a replica of the entrance to Aushwitz Concentration Camp.

One of the clothing items on display.

In the room of memories, students look through the Book of Names. This student found the name of a relative.

Pictures by Ms. Heath and Mr. Postle using a Casio QV-5000 camera.

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