Teen Health 7 - Menu Project Guidelines

Page 1: A colorful and creative cover with a title that illustrates the healthy food at your restaurant.

Page 2: A one paragraph introduction by the "owner" of the restaurant. The owners message can include reasons why you are serving certain foods and how eating at your restaurant will be a healthy experience.

Pages 3-4: Ten or more entreés (main course dishes)

2 fish entrees
2 meat entrees
2 vegetarian entrees
4 or more additional items of your choice

Each menu item must include a 2 sentence or more description which includes:

  • all ingredients used
  • the method of cooking*
  • any special reasons why it is a healthy choice.

*Food must be steamed, baked, grilled, barbequed, roasted, boiled, or stir fried in a wok.

No pan fried or deep fried foods allowed on this menu.

Include food items that are

  • low in fat
  • nutrient dense (more than two nutrients)
  • high in fiber
  • have healthy oils (olive, canola)

Make the menu creative and colorful.

Pages 5-7: Include items usually found in a menu: salads, soups, desserts and beverages (no alcoholic beverages)

Other Information ...You may use a computer to generate your menu or you may design it yourself and use markers or colored pencils. Another option is to cut and paste pictures from magazines.
Whatever you do, make it neat and appealing.



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