Student Noncommunicable Diseases Reports Presented with PowerPoint

  • These presentations are the culminating activity in the Teen Health 8 Noncommunicable Disease Unit. Students research selected noncommunicable diseases using the Internet as their main source of information. (See Noncommunicable Disease Topics) Students spend five days conducting Internet research in the computer lab. At the same time they develop a PowerPoint presentation with their findings. Projects are saved in the student's network folder. Most students spend addional time completing the project outside of class.
  • The presentation is delivered to the class. A grade is given based on specific guidelines.
    Report Grading Guidelines)
  • Members of the class take notes on all presentations. At the end of the presentations, each student writes an essay that compares and contrasts the diseases that were presented. Students develop their own "10 Most Serious Diseases" list based on number of cases, mortality rates, etc. When the essays are turned in students discuss and defend their decisions.

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