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  • You will present a comprehensive, multimedia oral report on a noncommunicable disease chosen by Mr. Olson. See the Noncommunicable Disease Web Sites page. Look at the topic that has been selected for you. If you have a special request for a different topic, you may submit your request to Mr. Olson via email at
  • You must use technology in the presentation of your report.
  • The method for your presentation is PowerPoint.
  • You must be well versed in the subject and able to answer questions at the conclusion of your report.
  • The report must be between 5 and 8 minutes in length.

Slide Show
Some topics may require more than one slide in your presentation.
Slides need to be short and concise. No sentences or long descriptions.
Think of your slide show as an outline of your report. Topics should be presented as lists or in short phrases.
You will provide details as you present the report.
The use of appropriate graphs, pictures and images is encouraged.
You must print an outline of your report and use it when you give your report.
No exceptions!

  • Slide 1: Title Slide with your name and class period.
  • Slide 2: Definition of the disease or condition. Also list numbers of people who have the condition...Number of deaths, Who gets it (This slide must reference the website where info was obtained.)
  • Slide 3: Causes and risks for getting this disease or condition
  • Slide 4: Prevention (not smoke, genetic test, avoid certain risks)
  • Slide 5: Symptoms of the disease
  • Slide 6: Signs and tests to see if you have it.
  • Slide 7: Treatment for disease
  • Slide 8: Prognosis and complications
  • Slide 9: A personal story of someone living with the condition.
  • Slide 10: Summary of the important facts with conclusions.
  • Slide 11: List your sources of information. At least three Internet sites must be included. List the title of the site and its address. In the body of your report include the web site source whenever statistics are used.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Speaking


  • Appropriate voice volume and tone
  • Speakers maintained eye contact with audience
  • Correct use of the English language
  • Absence of verbal distracters (um, ah)
  • Absence of distracting hand motions, gestures
  • Speaker maintains composure and exhibits confidence

  • Content of Report


  • Topic clearly stated
  • Includes all slides as stated above
  • Within 5 minute minimum time and 8 minute maximum time
  • Presentation reflects depth of research
  • Presentation is creative
  • Use of Technology


  • Appropriate background
  • Appropriate use of graphics or photos
  • Appropriate use of transitions
  • Appropriate use of sounds
  • Appropriate use of colors

  • Questions and Answers


  • Answers are clear and concise
  • Demonstrates depth of understanding
  • Honest about not knowing everything

  • Bibliography

  • Three web sources listed with name and web address.
  • Web names listed on slides that present statistics.
  • Correct form for all sources.
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