Nutrition Top 10 Project ...a Webquest

The Task: Develop a Top 10 listing of valuable nutrition web sites for Teen Health 7 students.

How: The class must work together to develop the list. By the end of the week the class must agree on the best sites and give reasons for their choices.

Where to Search: Students must use existing sites on Mr. Olson's web page Health Related Sites or sites listed in Health Links

Team Work: It would be best if several people worked together and evaluated a site as a group. Each group or individual must spend a minimum of 10 minutes at a site.

Write ups: After a site has been evaluated, the team or individual must write an evaluation of the site. The evaluation must include: name of site, URL, target audience, type of information available, "cool factor" and overall rating from 1-10. Each individual or team must submit five reviews by Friday.

Group Evaluation: On Friday, all teams will submit their evaluations and through a group discussion process, the top ten sites will be chosen and a web site will be developed.

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