You Know, You've Heard
By Jacklyn G.
(Teen Health Student, 5th Period, November 2004)

You've heard this from
parents and peers
You wonder where
disobediance leers

If you do drugs
and alcohol...
You'll feel lightheaded
but you will fall.
No one to pick
you up again...
Family, doctor or
even a friend.
It is your choice, of course you see,
but to make the right one
is hard --- let it be!

To not be pressured
into doing bad things
would be a miracle
of all living things

For so many die
--of this painful death
This is the hardest time
of life's tough test

If you want to live
let drugs go
Why people tell you this is to reinforce
But I don't have to tell you again...

Don't do drugs ---

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