Rapi-Tour 1985

Rapitour was started by Lon Haldeman and Susan Nortorangelo, both world record holding cross country cyclists. Rapitour was their first event ever. It was billed as the most challenging bike tour ever conceived. It was! They have continued to have bike tours, but never one like this...It turned out to be a unique event. I am proud to have been part of it. Of the 17 participants, only 4 made the journey without assistance. Rapitours is now called PAC-Tours. If you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime, then check it out...pactour.com

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Huntington Beach June 15, 1985 3;00 AM
Huntington Beach, June 15, 1985,
3:00 AM
Start of Rapitour
At the beach it was 70 degrees, the coolest it would be for 15 days.
Oatman, AZ Oatman, AZ
Support Van
The lifesaving support van.
Palm Springs
On the Interstate outside of
Palm Springs, CA.
Detour near Grand Canyon

Kentucky roads
Breakfast at 3:00AM
Breakfast at 3:00 AM!
Traveling minicity
This banner traveled with us!

Ole, after 3100 milesThe end at last!
Small groups often road together...
Congratulation Cake!
Pactour Group, June 29, 1985
Pactour 1985

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