Student Leaders at OOJHS - Info for 2006-2007
... a volunteer service club open to all students
We Help the School • We Help the Community • We Make a Difference
Mr. Tim Olson
| Mrs. Lisa Sarnoff | Ms. Susan Wagner
Who Are
Student Leaders?
Group Projects

Student Leaders are students who wish to contribute to the life of our school by volunteering to help teachers, plan activities, organize fund raisers, guide new students and help at school functions.


While Student Leader membership is open to all, Student Leaders are expected to be positive role models. Members must attend at least two meetings per month.



Weekly meetings are held on Friday mornings at 7:55 AM in room 237. Other projects and events are often held evenings and on weekends.

On Mondays we tape our weekly news program for broadcast on our local cable television stations. These meetings start at 7:45 AM in Mr. Olson's room.

Student Leaders have many group projects that involve both the school and community. The projects
usually include:

  • Mini-Conference
    Monday, August 21, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (afternoon helping teachers is optional)
  • Misericordia Fun Fest
  • Magazine Sale
  • Open House Guides
  • Twin Day
  • Market Day Helpers
  • District 68 Fall Fest
  • Warm Fuzzy Makers
  • Snowflake 2006 (Saturday)
  • Misericordia Cookie Making (Saturday)
  • Earth Day Project (Saturday)

Ways to earn hours as an individual

Market Day Helper
Cable TV producer or actor
Event Photographer
Video Tape Event Recorder
Early Childhood Center Helper (9 week project)
Help a teacher
Manage a team (at school)
Crew a play (at school)
Baby-sit at a school function
Read the "Words of Wisdom"

To receive hours students must sign the service hour book which is located in Mr. Olson's room.

Group projects will have a sign in sheet and hours will be added automatically.

While we do believe that volunteering is its own reward, we do want to recognize Student Leaders who make a significant contribution to our school.

Students who volunteer 50 hours will be eligible for the President's Youth Service Bronze Award.

Students who volunteer 75 hours will be eligible for the President's Youth Service Silver Award.

Students who volunteer 100 hours will be eligible for the President's Youth Service Gold Award.

These students will receive a cerficate from the President of the United States.

Because of the requirements from the Presidential Voluntary Service Award program, the only hours that can be certified are those done in service directly related to our school.

The final date for turning in hours will be the May 15. This will give enough time for having the hours certified and the awards printed and mailed to us.