Cycling the Sugar River Trail in Green County Wisconsin
Early riding.
Early morning on a rustic road.

Recently Mr. Olson and friends Jerry and Frank, spent the day riding near and on the Sugar River Trail in Wisconsin. The trail is an old railroad right-of-way. It runs from Broadhead to New Glarus and is about 23 miles long. Many beautiful rustic roads follow the same general path. On this day we traveled the roads to New Glarus and the bike trail back.

By dawn we had already biked 15 miles!
The Sugar River Trail
There is a trail sign at each small town.
Norwegian Church
Norwegian Church, now a museum.
M&M Cafe diner booth
Breakfast at the M&M Cafe in Monticello! The food was excellent!
Farm scene
On the road to Monticello. One of many quiet roads near the trail.
bucolic splender
Bucolic scenery!
Lunch and a gut

Lunch in Albany!
Monticello Bridge
This bridge is closed to auto traffic.
Covered bridge
The trail has several bridges,
including a covered one.
Jerry on trail
Jerry at the Sugar River Trail.


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woolen mill 1

Site of the Monticello Woolen Mill.
It operated from the 1860's until it burned down in 1954. The mill was powered by water.

woolen mill 2

For more information contact the Sugar River Trail at 608-527-2334.
Monticello, one of the small towns on the trail, has a web site. Check it out!
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