by Grace L.

Everyday I ask you
How did you start and why
But all you ever do is stare at me
And you never reply

I asked you once
To stop all the pain
To leave it all behind
Never to return to it again

But you kept on smoking
And that's addiction
My life is not a fantasy
It seems so fiction

7 years ago when I was only 10
I prayed for you every night again and again

But it never mattered
You never really cared
You left me out in the cold
To be left alone and scared

You've used all our money
The one's I've earned and saved
But that really doesn't even matter
Because you used it all for your own crave

When I'd pray for you
I'd pray that you'd come to see
That tobacco and nicotine
Are your enemies

I used to cry for you
Feel sorry that you couldn't see
You were the father that I idolized
My only family

But all that doesn't matter now,
Because you gotta fight this fight
You gotta see the end of this
Go through the tunnel, See the light

Although you've never really loved me
I loved you will all my heart
I kept on giving to you
But nothing I did for you mattered

The only thing you loved were
Your cigarettes and tobacco
I tried to make you think right
But you just went wacko

Your life is gone and wasted
You only got me
But you've neglected me for too long
It's time to wake up to reality

I'm sick of all your problems
With tobacco and nicotine

I've asked you stop too many times
And there are things you haven't seen
I've grown up in front of you
And yet you still don't care

I'm gonna get out of this place
Away from these memories.
And into a world were
There are people I can please

I'm sorry to leave you like this
With no money whatsoever
But this has gone on long enough
I'm leaving you forever.

(Teen Health Student, 0 Period, March2005)

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