What Now?
By Linda L.
(Teen Health Student, 5th Period, November 2004)

So you want to be cool.
Then smoke.
You want to fit in.
Then smoke.

But when you take the first drag,
Your life doesn't have a meaning anymore.
When you're addicted you've died.
So I dare you to quit.
But you can't.

Because you wanted to be cool.
That changed you,
You were cool for 5 years, but a fool for the rest of your life.
Deep down inside you know,
You're dying and ill and it's your fault.

You regret picking up that cigarette and lighting it.
But it's too late,
Too late now.
You should've said no, but you didn't.
Will you ever feel the same again?

Because you gave in.
Your addiction is your weakness.
Those who smoke are slaves to themselves.
So what did being cool and fitting in for 5 years cost you?
It cost you your life, and the happiness of those around you.

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