Tobacco, a Poem
By Sarah M.
(Teen Health Student, 5th Period, November 2004)

You click your lighter and
it burns brighter and brighter
You light the tobacco
because you can't say no.
You waste your money everyday,
buying this stuff you should just throw away.
Sooner or later you'll get ill,
because you know you will.
But you do it anyway,
leading yourself the wrong way.
You didn't prevent this from happening,
so you keep buying and buying.
They tell you to stay away from this drug,
I guess it's just a memo you missed.
Just one mistake that gave you the risk to die.
Now it's time to fix it,
Don't just sit there and cry.
Get up and do something,
prevent this from happening again.
Go into treatment, do anything!
Prevention is better than treatment,
Just say no because now you can.

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