Tobacco Letter Project

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Click here for a sample poem. You can write one for extra credit!

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Resources for your research

Tobacco Control
TobaccoHealth Issues
The Whole Truth

Smoking Hurts Everyone
Step Up Anti-Smoking Info

Facts about Smoking for You(th)
The Truth
Facts about Tobacco
More Facts and Videos
Facts about Smokeless Tobacco
In the Mix on Smoking (PBS)
Smoking Stinks

In this assignment you will be writing a letter to yourself. When you turn the letter in, it will be sealed in a time capsule
and returned to you at the end of 8th grade.

 Letter Basics

Write the assignment as a personal letter.....Dear me, Love me, etc.

Correct grammar and spelling are required on this assignment

Your letter must be at least five paragraphs.

Put your finished letter in an envelope. Put your name and team on the front. If you are moving, include your address and zip code.

The letter must be neat and in ink if written. Computer generated letters are encouraged.

Note: Letters not following guidelines will be returned for revisions.

This assignment has a value of 100 points. You may earn extra credit for decorating the envelope.


Paragraph #1 Introduction...Explain why you are writing the letter and add any personal information you may wish to tell yourself a year from now.

Paragraph #2 The Basic Facts...Explain how advertising attracts people to smoke, especially young people like you. Remind yourself that only 25% of people still smoke. Smokers are mostly "D" students. Few "A" students smoke. Include a list of tobacco ingredients. Point out that more and more places, public and private are smoke-free every year.

Paragraph #3 Nonfatal Problems... Discuss ten or more of the nonfatal problems smokers face, such as...yellow teeth, cost, coughing up phlegm, etc. Explain several of these problems.

Paragraph #4 Killer Problems...Discuss the life threatening ( deadly) problems of smoking including lung cancer, emphysema, Buerger's disease, heart disease and voice box cancer. You may write about others if you wish. You must explain what each disease is and what it does to the body

  • Paragraph #5 My Decision...State your personal decision about smoking and why you will say no to this
    addictive drug. Use a personal story if you wish.

Extra Credit Ideas

  • Decorate your envelope with smoke-free messages.
  • Make reference to two smoking information web sites in your letter.
  • Download a picture from the Internet and include in your letter.
  • Write a poem about tobacco. You can include it in your letter or turn it in separately.